Incipit. Start. A different point of view. Innovation.

Innovation arises from depth and awareness of consolidated knowledge, which allows us to see its limits and find a way to overcome them. Problems prompt to research, research  produces new knowledge (invention) which in its turn reveals new problems. Innovation comes from  the conscious use of invention. 

In its long activity, the Incipit team  has gained broad in-depth expertise in tourism research, which has brought to the creation of innovative management patterns for both tourism businesses and destinations. Our research has never been purely theorical but always carried out by tackling practical problems emerging from crucial developments in the field of tourism.

Continuous collaboration with businesses and institutions, participation in conferences, workshops and other events, academic research and knowledge updating are the sources that feed our work.


Destination Management
Revenue Management
Tourism Marketing
Management Accounting
Sustainable tourism
Tourism management of cultural and natural heritage

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