Incipit. start. New  perspectives and new solutions.

True consulting does not only mean offering organisations ready-made solutions, but implies the  activation and mobilization of their own resources. As a matter of fact solutions should not only be accurate and reliable, but also suitable and sustainable for the customer who has to use them autonomously. The solution to a problem needs to be interpreted and learnt by the organization so as to become a standardized process.

The Incipit team has acquired a unique and consolidated expertise in Tourism thanks to constant  contact with businesses and organizations.  This specific feature allows Incipit to identify  the business problems and offer contextualized consulting focussed on organizational learning.  Such an approach leads to a real change in the  business culture as it affects strategies, processes, structures and roles.

The research activity gives Incipit consulting the competence needed for acting in different organizational  contexts on the basis of clear and integrated system visions, which garantees durable solutions.