New knowledge, new opportunities, new roles.

The aim of vocational and professional training is learning, and the learning process has to involve the learner actively and on a personal level. True learning takes place when the learners autonomously integrate the contents of the training into their own systems of knowledge , skills and competences.

Research and consulting activities make up the basis of Incipit training offer. Research allows us to produce and elaborate high quality training contents, many of which are original, whereas consulting facilitates the learning process. As a matter of fact, thanks to the consulting experience it is possible to organize and contextualize the contents by using terminology, situations, techniques and problems which are familiar to the audience and therefore make  learning easier.

Incipit training is mainly addressed  to managers and private and public organizations staff (both high-level and lifelong learning training).  It also offers undergraduate, postgraduate  and master courses. Incipit’s catalogue has a wide range of training modules which can be modified and combined into customized training courses.

Incipit has set up a catalogue of training modules that, at customers' request, can be variously modified and combined to be included in structured training paths. Training modules are held in Italian. Some of them, upon request, can be held in English.



Accommodation services

Tourism Marketing. Introduction
Performance Management (PM) for the hospitality sector Tourism business. Products and system                          
Cost control for accommodation businesses. The Activity Based Costing (ABC) technique How to serve niche markets

Strategic importance of management control. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for accommodation businesses

Design of the tourism product
Engineering of hospitality products/services How to build a tourism product club (lab)   
Strategic management of information technology in the hospitality business        Destination management and marketing
Customer welcome
Tourism for all: meaning and economic value
Leadership and conflict management Welcome of clients with special needs
Effective communication for the development of intangible capital
Accessibility: meanings, criteria, evaluation  
Team building
Legislation and contracts for hospitality businesses
Customer Relationship Management in the hospitality business
Customer Relationship Management in the hospitality business - Lab
Hotel Revenue Management - Basic module