Opening Joint Staff Training Event of the Games Without Barriers project (19-23 October 2020)

The Opening joint staff training event was organised in order to share and uniform, within the Consortium and the teachers of the partner schools, the knowledge on accessible tourism issues and on edutainment approaches and tools.

IPSSEOASC Assisi was the leading organization and the classes were given by internal staff of the “technical” partners of the project: Incipit Consulting, ENAT, Wattajob and Consorzio Itaca.

Incipit and ENAT presented and analysed in detail all the main aspects of Accessible Tourism / Tourism for All: from its historical and legislative evolution to its economic impact; from the requirements of tourists with specific access needs to the procedures for a correct relationship with them and a quality welcome; from the techniques and tools to evaluate accessibility to the ways to provide correct information to customers with specific access needs and to communicate effectively.

Wattajob defined the concepts of Edutainment, game-based learning and storytelling and presented the 2nd demo version of the Game-based Web App, an innovative training tool aimed at balancing contents with gameplay.

Consorzio Itaca, described the procedures and arrangements the partners will implement in order to prepare and organize students’ exchange mobilities abroad, in particular the Europass tool and the ECVET process.

It has been an interesting and stimulating training week with a great involvement of all participants.
A success for Incipit Consulting, project coordinator, and for the partners: Consorzio Itaca, Wattajob, IPSSEOASC Assisi, ESHOB, Colegiul Economic Gheorghe Dragos, ENAT.