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    We diagnose problems and share solutions

    «All life is problem solving» (K.R. Popper)


    We carry out studies and researches in the tourism sector

    «The aims of scientific thought are to see the general
    in the particular and the eternal in the transitory» (A.N. Whitehead)


    We work alongside institutions and regions

    "A map is not the territory" (Alfred Korzybski)


    We develop specialised competencies

    «Everything should be made as simple
    as possible, but no simpler» (A. Einstein)

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Consulting and training driven by research and innovation

Co-design of solutions with the customer

Over 30 years of specific experience

Teamwork with diversified expertise

International activities

Being aware of the importance of working on an international level in order to favour innovation, competitiveness and the exchange of experience and good practices, Incipit Consulting promotes collaboration with foreign bodies and organizations while implementing transnational research, training and consulting programmes and actions.

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