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    A.L.L. - Across the lombars'lands Project

A.L.L. - Across the lombars'lands Project

ALL project aims at creating and promoting a transnational accessible tourist product based on a common European heritage represented by the Lombards who, in their migration from northern to southern Europe, played a major role in the spiritual and cultural development of Europe in its transition between Classicism and the Middle Ages. Therefore, the project main objective is to develop, in selected sample destinations of Italy and Slovenia (where the Lombards left more evidences of their culture) and with the involvement of local public authorities and SMEs, tourism offers in which accessibility is mainstreamed in all segments of the tourism supply chain. To reach its objectives the project will develop the following main activities:


  • analysis of the tourism demand for profiling the current / potential users of the “Lombard” tourism product;
  • mapping and analysis of the cultural heritage assets related with Lombard heritage in the selected EU sites and mapping of the tourism-related services;
  • organization of meetings with local stakeholders aimed at raising awareness on the value of the Lombard heritage and on the “tourism for all” issues;
  • implementation of training activities aimed at improving the skills of the staff employed by local tourism operators with relation to accessibility in the tourism supply chain;
  • development of “Lombard tourism itineraries and packages for all” in collaboration with public authorities in charge of tourism issues and with the involvement and strict collaboration of local SMEs;
  • creation of an information and interpretation system of the Lombard heritage along the itineraries through the use of the new integrated digital technologies;
  • design of a dissemination and communication strategy to market the developed transnational tourism products.
The developed itineraries/packages will contribute to the enhancement of tourism quality, sustainability and accessibility and to the increase of SMEs' business opportunities by expanding their services to a large and growing market of potential customers, with positive economic and social impacts. They will represent prototypes / good practices to be reproduced in the future development of other of thematic tourism offers.



  • Incipit Consulting Soc. Coop - Italia (coordinatore)
  • Comune di Spoleto - Italia
  • Tandem Soc. Coop. Sociale Intergrata – Italia
  • Premiki zavod za svetovanje, promocijo in razvoj dostopnega turizma – Slovenia
  • Narodni Muzej Slovenije – Slovenia
  • BSC, Poslovno Podporni Center– Slovenia
  • ENAT, European Network for Accessible Tourism – Belgio

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