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    We work alongside institutions and regions

    "A map is not the territory" (Alfred Korzybski)

Incipit. Beginning. Original Visions and Shared Developments

Effective technical assistance for institutions and territories must base on a careful assessment of the typicality and complexity of contexts. The different perspectives of the tourism stakeholders in a territory, whether private or public, often conceal valuable opportunities that need to be identified, shared and developed along a cooperative path.
The matured competences, both on the side of enterprises and on that of institutions and territories, allows the Incipit team to elaborate solutions able to interpret the complexity of destinations without reductionism. Incipit has elaborated and documented an original model of destination management for the integrated development of overall territorial tourism resources.

Standard technical assistance services

Incipit Consulting has developed structured methodologies to provide standard Technical Assistance services. Since 2019, Incipit’s services are also included in the MePA (Public Administration Electronic Marketplace).
In addition to standard services, Incipit Consulting assists institutions and territories with solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Topic areas of the main technical assistance services provided

  • Destination web marketing
  • Destination tourism profiling (B2C and B2B)
  • Tourist product design
  • Destination card usage analysis
  • Destination Performance Management
  • Destination tourism demand analysis
  • Tourist destination check up
  • Radiomobile big data analysis at destination
  • Comparative Analysis of Laws and Regulations in Tourism
  • Design of destination tourism development
  • Assistance to design for responses to calls for tenders
  • Assistance in the implementation of tender projects

Other services


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